November 16, 2021


Automotive // Lake District

Putting the new Peugeot 508 Plug in Hybrid through its paces in the Lake District during somewhat difficult conditions. However, with the crazy weather always comes the beautiful light and we were blessed with a perfect sunset over the pass and across the valley! The 508 Hybrid was comfortable, exciting and performance driven with its instant torque from the electric powertrain. Hybrid and electric is the future and this is the perfect transition.

With varying weather conditions it is always important to adapt to the environment. Much like the 508 Hybrid which allows for smooth, quiet in town driving and then a more aggressive driving experience when the road opens up.

A fun and challenging shoot, but Daryl loves automotive work in the rain, always adding extra dynamics and finesse to detail work and rolling shots.

See more insights of the campaign here.

Commission by: Peugeot UK

road at sunset inception
interior view of Peugeot 508

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