The Seasons

Genesis Drop on Foundation by Daryl Scott Walker

A study of Lagangarbh hut through the seasons of Scotland, Autumn, Summer, and Winter. Each bringing its own uniqueness to the landscape of Glencoe valley.

This iconic landmark sits afoot the Buachaille Etive Mòr, and is one of the most photographed scenes in Scotland. So how do you be unique in an area visited by millions?

I had envisaged the Idea of studying a static subject across the seasons a few years. The process of capturing this series of images took a whole year. Returning to the same spot many times, using the same 85mm lens. During Autumn of 2019, Winter, and Summer of 2020.

The Seasons NFT comes with an Ultra-HD print, shipped worldwide. Contact after the sale.

5265x7700px | 320 DPI


The Seasons - Triptych

/ˈtrɪptɪk/ a set of three associated artistic works intended to be appreciated together

With this first drop, Daryl wanted to create something unique and is one of his personal favourites from the North. Having visited the area many times, always striving to create something new ... it was not until the second visit when the conditions were special that Daryl thought about creating a Triptych of the seasons.

The area is popular with photographers as the main highland road the A82 stretches through the Glencoe Valley. The Lagangarbh hut sits a foot a great mountain and paints an iconic picture of Scotland.

Each season brings a different aesthetic to the valley; Autumn of 2019 Daryl visited on a golden sunrise which illuminated the entire view out in front of him. In summer, to a carpet of lush greenery, battling the pesky Scottish Midges is always fun during the summer but despite this the photography rewards are always sought after. Finally, ending the Triptych in the enchanting winter where only the brave stay in the hut to shelter from the tough Scottish elements.

Click through the gallery below to discover the seasons in all of their glory...

Daryl is a self taught photographer from the beautiful North East of England who’s work can be defined by his bold colours and emotive story telling. Working with clients across many industries such as Adventure and Outdoor specialists Columbia and The North Face. High-end Automotive brands Citroen, Jaguar, LandroverMini and Vauxhall. Global car rental company Tech giants Huawei and OPPO. Tourism boards such as Visit Faroe Islands alongside Atlantic Airways.

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What is the benefit of an NFT?

When selling any kind of art work in the ‘real world’ for instance, a print, the artist sacrifices any kind of later ownership of the goods once a sale has been made. Whilst you can authenticate a print with a certificate or proof of purchase, any future profits generated by the art are not directly tied to the original artist.

With NFTs, this ownership remains on the blockchain forever, therefore the artist and the collector know exactly who owns the original art work thus ensuring the value of said art remains with those who are invested in it.

Any future sales of valuable art as an NFT also benefits both the collector (through authentication) but also the artist who gains royalties on their original piece, something of a game changer in comparison to the traditional art world.

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How can we view your work?

Daryl’s work can be seen on Foundation and will soon be available on Opensea once the ‘Homecoming’ collection is launched.

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