August 27, 2021

Land Rover / Jaguar

Automotive // Scotland

A trip into the heart of Scotland with the Land Rover and Jaguar team testing out the new 2021 range of luxury and performance vehicles, which included the newly launched Defender! Daryl was particularly excited about the V8 Defender and the Jaguar F-Pace SVR, both equipped with over 500 hp!

Tasked with nothing more than exploring the beautiful area of Pitlochry, with the incredible Fonab Castle as a base. Daryl set off in multiple vehicles putting them through their paces, on the road and off with the Land Rover Experience Centre.

A series of images shot over 48 hours.

Commission by: Landrover / Jaguar

fonab castle

After a short drive in the beautiful white wheeled 90 Hardtop Defender we arrived at the incredible Land Rover Experience Centre. Something Daryl was personally excited about as he has never done any off-roading before! With professional tuition and the sophisticated technology in the modern Land Rovers, it was a breeze to tackle the varied terrain the estate has to offer.

As we drove around the estate, Daryl spotted a large body of water and asked “can we drive through that” !? The answer, of course, that is where we are heading now. With anticipation, the forest approached and we meandered around the tight spaces between the trees. Passing through rich dense green ferns we arrived at the entrance to the water.

Parked up and ready to go. Water ahead. A natural playground for the Land Rovers. With their new technology, they are capable of wading in water up to 2’11”. Still, driving into a body of water is not something the average road user is used to! Once out of the water it was into the open field and back to HQ to wrap up for day 1.

Day 2 with Land Rover / Jaguar

More testing of the new fleet, but today was all about V8’s! The sun was shining bright this morning, with some nice low lying mist early on in the day. Setting off in the new Defender V8 and crossing the River Garry, we just so happened to pass an immaculate Series 2 defender coming across the bridge.

Land Rover Defender V8 | 5.0l with 525hp | 4 Wheel Drive | Santorini Black

Swapping out one V8 for another. This time, the more aggressive and performance driven Jaguar F-Pace SVR! With a lower centre of gravity, sports exhaust, extra performance and a more driver focused cockpit this model felt very fast! A different breed to the V8 Defender despite its similar engine.

Jaguar F-Pace SVR | 5.0l V8 with 550hp | 4 Wheel Drive | Firenze Red

With the adventure closing to an end, we couldn’t resist taking the 90 Hardtop for a final drive in the local forest. Just love the combination of the Tasman blue paint work and the white steel wheels, a classic Land Rover look!

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