March 11, 2022

Jackery UK

Technology // Lancashire

Photographers and videographers are always on the go. So finding the time to charge cameras, drones, laptops etc is somewhat difficult. Yet, with Jackery UK, the problem no longer exists! With the portable charger and the Solar Saga 100w Solar Panel, every adventure is easier. Daryl’s camera, drone, phone and laptop are ready to go at the press of a button.

For thiFor this campaign the goal was to show how portable the Explorer 500 and Solar Saga are. Daryl put the kit to use in some incredible locations and varying conditions. The Jackery UK, Explorer 500 and Solar Saga is now a must go to for Daryl’s adventures. Whether near to home or on longer more domestic trips in the van when mains power is a few days away!

The following images and video were during the campaign. This provided suitable media for Jackery’s marketing and social needs. The campaign was also shared to Daryl’s growing audience on Instagram.

Commission by: Jackery

holding a portable charging unit
portable charger on beach
sunset walking through sand dunes
drone being turned on at beach
walking across sand dunes at sunset
using solar power to charge portable power
charging drone batteries with Jackery 500 power bank
landing drone in blue hour

For more of Daryl’s commercial work, follow the link here

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