August 7, 2022


Automotive // Northumberland

Local Adventures with Hyundai, testing the incredible IONIQ 5 from the heart of Northumberland across the Scottish Borders, Hexham Abbey through to Hawick. The campaign focussed on making driving and journeys more memorable through using electric vehicles (EV). Daryl had the task of capturing both photos and videos in a short time frame, but with a preset route which was familiar, an incredible and beautiful EV, it made the journey and the process way more fun!

This was also Daryl’s first full experience of an EV, with a powerful EV motor and beautiful design language, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 was a pleasure to work with. If the bold, striking and futuristc concepts are carried over to Hyundai’s next models then its easy to understand where Daryl’s next car might come from!

For the campaign, Daryl shot a short video piece documenting the journey along the route, stopping off at some of the incredible sights in Northumberland. See more insights of the campaign here and here.

Commission by: Hyundai UK

For more of Daryl’s automotive work, follow the link here

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