July 17, 2020


Technology // Northumberland

Armed with the powerful Huawei P40 Pro, Daryl was commissioned to help broaden the reach and awareness of the #HuaweiNextImageUK competition which aims to promote taking incredible images, just on your smartphone!

In order to show just how capable mobile phones are for photography, Daryl set foot at one of his favourite local spots, known only by few, to capture the incredible giant sequoias using the available features of the P40 Pro.

As well as capturing incredible perspectives of the environment, Daryl was also commissioned with creating a short promotional video of his adventure and behind the scenes using the phone and its features.

Model: Daryl Scott Walker

Photography / Videography: Daryl Scott Walker

Assistant: Aimee Mcilvennie

Commission by: Huawei UK and Screenshot Mag

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