June 10, 2020

BEAL Architectural Metalwork

Architecture // Newcastle

Documenting the fabrication of a unique 1 of 1 metal staircase in a local metal metalworkers unit, a challenging environment with the sparks and flames from welding etc but the images came out incredible! A simple brief of capturing the process from start to erection over a series of separate assignments. The stair case is a hand fabricated spiralling staircase which was installed in the central atrium of the new Sunderland City Hall building, VAUX.

Daryl loved capturing the intimate details of the fabrication, especially the welding as they came out epic, but also the grinding and all of the intricate metal working tools and practices needed to assemble such a complex architectural staircase. An incredible process to witness.

Commission by: FaulknerBrowns & BEAL

stair fabrication
metal staircase welding
metalworker welding welder
welding warehouse
detail of metal stairs
detail of staircase metal work
metal stair handrail
final assembled metal stair

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